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              Industry News

              Sensor by "innovation" sail fast forward
              The so-called sensor, in simple terms: it is capable of sensing to the electronic components physical state changes in the external environment, and the physical changes, including speed, temperature and quantity of electricity, car sensor is installed on a vehicle, and a sensor for sensing the driving process in the change of Chinese and foreign.
              Some sensor market such as pressure sensor, temperature sensor, flow sensor, the level sensor has shown characteristics of mature market. Temperature sensor, flow sensor, pressure sensor, the largest market, respectively, accounted for the entire sensor market 21%, 19% and 14%. The main growth sensor market from wireless sensor, MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems Micro-Electro-MechanicalSystems, sensors, biological sensors) emerging sensor. The wireless sensor in 2007-2010 years, compound annual growth rate is expected to exceed 25%.
              At present, the global sensor market showing a trend of rapid growth in the changing among the innovative. Concerned expert points out, the main field of sensor technology will be to extend and improve on the existing basis, countries will compete to accelerate a new generation of sensor development and industrialization, it will become increasingly fierce competition. The development of new technology will redefine the future of the sensor market, such as the emergence of wireless sensor, optical fiber sensor, intelligent sensor and metal oxide sensors and new type sensor and enlarge the market share.
              Sensor rapid market expansion
              According to the authoritative institutions predict, from 2004 to 2009, the global vehicle sensors will show about 9% growth rate, in 2008 the market demand is estimated to reach 1487000000. Chinese market is the car a hotbed of sensor development, "(CCWResearch) the latest survey data show, 2006, Chinese automobile sensor market sales of $390000000, year on year growth rate of 42.8%, the annual compound growth 2007~2010 years China automobile sensor market sales rate of more than 35%. Among them, market sales in 2007 will reach 540000000 U.S. dollars, year-on-year growth rate of 36.3%; in 2009 the market sales will be close to $1050000000, a year-on-year growth of 40.5%; in 2010 the market will exceed $1320000000, a year-on-year growth of 35.2%.
              Tsinghua University Automotive Institute Professor Yuan Dahong told reporters: "ordinary automobile sensor technology is not difficult, there are also many applications in the car at present, such as the temperature sensor, the ABS wheel speed sensor etc.."
              The rapid development of China sensor market, due to the rapid development of car city. At present, several dozens to hundreds of sensors about installation of an ordinary family car, and luxury cars on the number of sensors can be up to 200. In 2006, Chinese automobile market scale exceeded 7200000, in which the passenger exceeded 5000000 units. 2007 domestic car sales will be more than 8000000 vehicles, automotive sensors will be a corresponding rise in sales.
              The stability of the local sensor needs to improve
              North American automotive sensor needs to an increase of 10% per year of consecutive growth, to the end of 2007 will be developed to the scale of 4500000000 dollars. Among them, vehicle rollover sensor usage will increase, is expected to grow at a compound annual 2003~2008 rollover sensor module rate will reach 32.3%.
              With the China vehicle sensor scale is continually expanding, local enterprises to achieve great development, must achieve a breakthrough in the accuracy and reliability.
              China society of automotive engineering technology branch secretary of automobile electronic long He Yujun told reporters: "automobile sensor is the basis of support many auto parts giant. At present, many domestic enterprises in the materials, design, technology and other areas have improved, can produce a lot of basic sensor, but in terms of the accuracy and reliability of foreign companies still have a big gap, many advanced technologies, especially the new design principle and the core module of sensor technology, or by foreign companies master. At present, the domestic enterprise independent exploitation is relatively small, the main or from abroad back, it is obvious that the enterprises lack of investment in research and development."
              Traditionally, vehicle sensor market is based on OEM mode of operation, and usually do not need direct to consumer, therefore, automobile manufacturers and suppliers have decided to first related sensor specifications of rights, in other words, for the sensor suppliers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers that clients first.
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