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              Company News

              SMT industry recovery accelerated obviously
              Opportunity and challenge:
              SMT equipment manufacturers eyes locked Chinese market
              Chinese electronic information industry has formed a "bird" layout of
              Market data:
              The second half of 2009 imported machine 3679 sets
              Is the first half of imported machine number 1.88 times
              Chinese electronic special equipment association data show, in 2009 China import automatic placement machine 5636, $850000000, compared to 2008 decreased by 28% and 38.5% respectively. However, in 2009 10, 11, 12 and three months of imports of SMT machine 1786, $269000000, compared with the same period in 2008 increased by 59.3% and 71.3% respectively. The second half of 2009 imported machine 3679 sets, 1.88 times the number of the first half of imported machine. These data, clearly reflects China's SMT industry is fast recovery.
              In this year's NEPCONChina exhibition focuses on presenting the latest technology and products and market trends, and major SMT vendors are invariably locked eyes Chinese market, have increased in the China investment. Japan Sony Corporation to install the machine business minister Ishii Katsunori expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, now is a good time to invest in the equipment manufacturers China. "Sony has attached great importance to Chinese market, we will be more good products to Chinese future, is not only the sales also include manufacturing, we will take part in China manufacturing equipment, which can not only greatly reduce customer cost of ownership, but also will have a faster response system, to meet customer requirements." Ishii Katsunori said.
              According to expert analysis, Chinese electronic information industry has formed a "bird" layout, the Yangtze River Delta region as the bird's head, area around Bohai and the Pearl River delta wings, to Chengdu dominated the western region as bird tail. Li Yayi said, with fast recovery China SMT industry situation, NEPCON China series of activities will be "birds" layout for the blueprint, NEPCON banner firmly inserted on each strategic highland. In 2010 the NEPCON follow the pace of the industrial transfer, fully into the rising in Western regions.
              After the NEPCON exhibition in Southern China, the "northern Tour" and "central" tour will be in Hubei, Hunan respectively, the central region and ring Bohai, Beijing Tianjin and the northeast region as the center of gravity, held in conference, roadshow and other forms of activities.
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