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              Industry News

              Micro electro mechanical system in Silicon Valley and development of pressure sensor technology
              Now the people of high technology to talk about the most is MEMS- micro electro mechanical systems.MEMS actually means a kind of ability, mechanical type movable structure by the use of the IC technology development of controllable,. This technology commercially the most successful example of micro mechanical pressure sensor. The sensor, especially the pressure sensor is mainly used for determining the critical state monitoring the feasibility of sensors. Therefore, the sensors usually have an important balance factor, i.e. the sensor itself should be lower than the costs of production constitute the system cost by several orders of magnitude. For example, for a $25000 car, to ensure the effective use of the sensor, fuel prices and reducing the air pollution in the used to be about $10. Silicon pressure sensor price earliest expensive, can only be used in some special fields such as aviation, but in the past ten years, progress of silicon micro machined production technology has opened up many new low-cost market.
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