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              About Us

              The coastal city of Weihai high tech Industry Development Zone, Weihai Hi Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful scenery of the beginning of the village area, the existing plant 5000 square meters, more than 400 employees, professional engaged in a variety of power supply board, power adapter, charger of mobile phone R & D, manufacturing, OEM processing and other projects, is set research and development, production and operation of power supply, as one of the professional manufacturing enterprise of charger.

              Company's existing assembly and patch / machine inserted two production workshop. Assembly workshop existing 6 hands, 6 assembly lines, 8 packaging line, the monthly production of mobile phone charger 1800000, SMPS power board 200000, the total annual sales of RMB about 20000000. SMT workshop has 4 SMT lines, the monthly production capacity of 60000000. Machine transplanting workshop has inserted line 3 horizontal, vertical machine3, the monthly production capacity of 16000000. Patch and machine transplanting workshop also undertakeexternal processing business.

              Entrepreneurial companies from the start, then put the product quality and technology innovation as the life of enterprise, adhering to the "customer as the center" the purpose, adhere to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, quality first, energy saving, clean environment, continuous improvement, honesty, satisfy the customer" the quality policy, scientific and rational organization of production and fully and effectively improve the quality of. Pay close attention to product quality, strengthening the management of enterprises, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification,the company's overall management capacity and quality assurance ability to continuously improve. Good businessreputation has won many domestic manufacturers perennial cooperation relationship for the company, but also through the factory inspection LG Korea mobile phone division in the world, become the qualified supplier.

              The company always put the technological innovation in a strategic height to develop science and technology,great effort to strengthen the team construction and product R & D projects, the establishment of the relationship between science and technology cooperation with North Shanghai Research Institute of microelectronics, focus onindependent product development, has successfully developed a printer equipment power supply board, LED driver, LED bulb lamp and other products. 5W, 12W, 36W, 60W power adapter independent research and development company has passed ROSH, 3C certification. The company independent research and development of various products are in line with national industrial policy, low carbon, environmental protection, high technology content, welcomed by the majority of users and praise.

              Weihai Haitai Electronics Co., Ltd. is willing to take careful planning and perfect design, exquisite technology, strict organization and thoughtful service, to provide high-quality products, to become your ideal career partner.

              Copyright @ Weihai Hitai Electronics Co., Ltd. TEL:0631-5696987/5670398 FAX:0631-5696985
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